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可愛い! (かわいい) Kawaii…

Nice thingie, what is it?

Correct me if i am wrong, 5% resistors for colour effect? i thought of doing that too …
I don’t think of it as 可愛い (かわいい) Kawaii , more 美うつくしい,素敵すてき …beautiful.

Cool idea! It’s not like the resistors on the digital board (apart from the LCD backlight resistor) are that critical and it certainly fits the case better… Next time!

отличный or 멋진? Pick ye poison.

I’ve been doing 5% 220r or 1k resistors on my digi boards for a while (had a large batch of them lying around)-they do look nicer than the metal films, especially on yellow boards like the Anu and YM.

cheers, I thought so too, I too have a load and will swerve as I have just started on a YM self source … but any day now my Anushri kit will drop through the door and I have a feeling that is going to take precedence over diving down to the Farnell trade counter…:wink:
Then straight back to the YM…

Its a yellow magic built from the kit, and my 5 yr old insisted on painting it yellow " its a YELLOW magic dad!" but I painted all the Japanese characters in white , and we put a pink heart on the manga-gals headband

apologies for the crap flash

very 格好良い kakkoii…
good job …to you both :wink:

the infill looks outstanding on the orange case…

Wow Looks super cool, jus wondering how you did the infill?

in a previous life I was an art student, this is 25 year old art grade titanium white acrylic.

I painted it in using a stencil brush, waited a minute or 2 and then rubbed the excess off with a cloth , I did 1 coat of white as a basecoat, then 2 more on the whites and 2 yellow coatings for yellow , we did 1 for the pink

And the next one I do Ill be painting BEFORE assembly :slight_smile:

Ah very nice! I have no artistic skills what so ever, but the wife is keen on a bit of painting. A cunning way to sneak in a few synth’s me thinks!
“so if I buy this synth darling, you get to have all the fun painting it yay’sies!”

perfect :slight_smile: