How do I configure to boot into preset mode?

In the change log for v 0.92 it is mentioned that you can configure the Shruthi-1 to boot directly into preset browse mode. How do I do this? I can’t find a setting anywhere.

Keep the encoder pressed when booting the synth to enable it/disable it.

Thanx, that did the trick :wink:
I could not find this in the reference manual (or maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place)

You’re right, I need to fix that!

What is preset mode?
-does not mention “preset mode” at all.

So where it boots up if not preset mode? Which is normal mode?

It simply starts on the preset browse page (S6) after powering on, “normal mode” means it start on the filter page (S2).
On current v0.95, once you powered on with pressed encoder, it will always start with preset browse. To revert, power on with encoder pressed again.

/edit: oh, and in preset mode, it remembers the last preset that was active and loads that automatically

Thanks! Excellent!

Tested it right away and i like it this way, in preset mode. I updated FW to newest one yesterday so now it functions like you said. Sweet!

was looking for the same! now I’ve got it :smiley: