How do I access the AD envelope in (micro)Braids?

Hi- I’ve just been fortunate enough to buy a uBraids at a very reasonable price, and- having already met the sounds in miRack on iOS- I’m delighted to have the module in my rack (sorry). However- although the MI manual states than you can set the AD envelope to your liking, it doesn’t say HOW. Can anyone help?

In the menu when you click the main wheel, scroll to the right to find separate attack and decay controls. For details on what you can change in the menu look near the bottom of the manual under “OPTIONS”


A: LED display and rotary encoder. When the module starts, the LED display shows the name of the active synthesis model, and the encoder can be used to select a model. Click the encoder to display a list of additional settings and options. Click the encoder to select an option and modify its value. Once the value has been modified to your liking, click the encoder to get back to the list of options. Selecting the first option (“WAVE”), saves to memory the current setup and brings you back in model selection mode.


|\ATT, |\DEC are the attack and decay time of the internal AD envelope generator.

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