How can I save an updated multi to a new location?

I created an initial base template as a multi, but I‘m unable to save new changes made to a different location (ie bank/number)…How do I save a multi to new location after making changes?

Observed behavior:

I try to select a different multi bank/number, but whatever was previously stored in the location automatically loads. When i try to do this via In the ‘save’ menu I’m only able to edit the multi name.


Manual Shows the following:
Saving programs/multis/sequences/patches

After having selected with S1 which object type you want to save (multi, program, etc.), press S4 (savecommand).

pt 1 program .A000 junon save|cancel

Before saving a program/multi/sequence/patch, its bank letter, number and name must be set. Use the encoder to increment/decrement the value or letter at the cursor. To move the cursor, click the encoder, turn it to move the cursor, and click it again.

When you are done, press S7 (save command). If you want to cancel the operation, press S8(cancelcommand).

A warning will be displayed in case the memory card is damaged, full, incorrectly formatted, or just needs a little blow on its connectors.

Note that when a patch is overwritten, a backup copy of the previous version is kept. You can use a SD-card reader on your personal computer to remove the latest version of the patch and restore the backup copy (Sorry… Ambika does not come with its own version of Norton Commander).

One possible solution:

Step 1. Make desired changes to any multi
Step 2. Click ‘Library (S8)’
Step 3. Select ‘multi’ by toggling S1
Step 4. Select ‘versions’ (S5)
Step 5. Select ‘copy’ (S1)
Step 6. Select ’exit’ (S8)
Step 7. Click ‘Library’ (S8)
Step 8. Select desired bank/number
Step 9. Select ‘versions’ (S5)
Step 10. Select ‘paste’ (S3)
Step 11. Click ‘Library’ (S8)
Step 12. Select ‘save’ (S4)
Step 13. Rename patch
Step 14. Select ‘save’ (S7)