How can I find the firmware revision of a Yarns?

Just bought a Yarns, and I love it. How can I find what firmware version is currently installed?

Currently there is no way to check. I’ll probably add that in the next firmware version!

Incidentally, how could one use a regular Atmel AVR ISPII with the very tiny male header in MI modules? Is there an adaptor or we better use the Sysex method?

Not all of the modules use an Amtel, so if the AVR doesn’t fit then it’s probably for a good reason.

Braids for instance uses a mini-JTAG port.

> Is there an adaptor or we better use the Sysex method?

This is not for an AVR ISP mkII (at the exception of Grids & Edges, all modules are powered by ST ARM chips).

Everything is explained here.

Thanks for the clarification!

For I moment I got all mixed up with the JTAG and Atmel products!

Seems the Sysex method is the easy way to go. Got the C6 tool downloaded, hope my midi to usb cable works ok (cheapo one).

I decided to update the firmware. The update process via sysex worked perfectly- I got it on my first attempt. I’m always cautious when updating firmware- sometimes the update process can be risky.

The suggested C6 app didn’t work, even when adjusting the delay between packages to over 100ms.
I had to find a sysex librarian for Win7 that permitted to set delay in bytes: MidiOX. That worked first try.

Was a method ever added that let us see which firmware version is in the Yarns we own?

It is displayed on the the screen when the module is powered on.