How can i distort my shruthi 1 4pm ? NO EXT FX

first fact is i am already in search of a polivoks filter as i prefer distorted filters second fact is i have already the 4pole shruthi its is great BUT ONLY by passing its output back to input (by an MONO adaptor splitter to 2 MONO) I can approach my paradise (edgier+ distorted filter approach ) but this takes away the input which preferably i would like it to be free for external signals. is there a way/ workaround/ apart from soldering (i am not yet ready)to distort this quality filtre .please give me your (dark) lights

as far as onboard capabilities, i would try the fuzz operator in the oscillator mix menu

yes pretty much i use all the time fuzz and xor ,anything plus that makes it scream ?

I would try going berserk on the filter PCB with a fork.

Maybe you should try a PoliVoks Filter Board……

You could make this feedback connection from the output to the input internal with a switch… Then you would have the input free. Or mod on op amp feeding the filter? Or the end op amp?
But polivoks would be a good idea since this filter itself sounds much dirtier and it has distortion.
Or look at the sound designer edition mods for the smr4.
But it all needs soldering…

Not really distortion, but have you tried cranking the resonance with the filter lfo at audio rates? Sounds pretty dirty, especially on ‘MS’ or ‘Whacky’ setting.

Or - but this implies soldering - you could change the Zener Diodes D4 + D5 to something like 2,2V

so an internal feedbacking switch seems interesting(any guide for that?) but at the moment i wont risk as my soldering skils are 0,0 i am not taking the risk bullshiting on my shruthi as i have already fried a custom synth EVIL MOISTURE made for me and yes the polivoks filter was and is my hunt as i already have a super rare 10 line mixer made by POLIVOKS FORMANTA ( brutal at least my love).

How about contacting one of the trusted builders to implement an internal Feedback Switch/Pot
Or you could contact qp from Laurentide Synthworks (left side of the pond) or André from TubeOhm (right side of the world)……

The easiest thing to do is select one of the many distortion types like fuzz, xor, fold, or even the bit crushers on the third oscillator page.
The other option is to use the MS mode for resonance to get a more “screaming” tone.

If you do contact a trusted builder, you can ask about adding an amp to the main oscillator output. I have no idea how difficult that would be, but you seem to want to overdrive the oscillators into the filter, and that is the simplest way to do that.

As a last resort, you can just run an external signal into the Shruthi with a very high volume.

well feeding it different high gain signals gives oscs a coconut behaviour (which is not what i am asking for) unfortunately no change(overdrive) at the filtre/ resonance/flavor . on the crude side i am hoping .by checking the sde mods i get the feeling i need FILTER FEED but iam not sure if this will apply for my 4 POLE

if i had the cash i would instantly buy a polivoksed shruthi
if i could solder /mod i would instantly experiment with an op amp or something
but none of the above is happening at the moment so …

Get the Shruthi Wave generator.

Here is a link to the latest version.

Sample this video.

Put the samples you want into the Shruthi Wave Generator, then upload these distorted waveforms to the Shruthi. The sounds around 1:24, 1:55, and 5:05 should get you about what you want. There are numerous others in the video that would be good to add as well.

With that video and the Shruthi Wave generator, you can now replace every single Shruthi wavetable with Polivox sounds. :slight_smile:
There is always a way to accomplish any task with the Shruthi!

audiohoarder you are gold

Oh, and you can use the wrong filter modes with the 4PM.

No guarantee that this won’t damage your Shruthi filter board, but it is fun. :slight_smile: I have had no ill artifacts yet. You can get really nasty stuff. A lot of it I would classify as unusable, but you may just find the right timber you are looking for.

the last 15 years i ve been produsing only feedback and distortion (melody to my ears)
Thorivos means noise in greek
and the moment i touched shruthi (2 months ago) i could smell its guts have a brutal romantisicm i can rely on. cheers