How are you using Frames?

@BennelongBicyclist that’s exactly what I needed to know! thanks

just saw this, and it appears i stand corrected :wink: never knew about the trigger step functionality, just reread the manual and didnt see a mention - am i just being dim, or is there a “secret-handshake” as the saying around here goes?

Sequencer mode in the manual

This is a fantastic thread. Loving the patch ideas.

Im interested in getting one of these for my modest rig. Im surprised that there are so few vids that demo it though?

Just picked up a Frames and am super exited! Should have got one a log time ago but reading on some of the additional features and just things Im ignorant to and jesus this is a powerful module…

quad out VCO…maths doing the LFO
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I think Frames is the most underrated MI module of them all so far, I find I am using it in almost all of my patches for one thing or the other.