How about a machined from solid Shruthi case?

My brother is the foreman at a CAD shop and made this for his shruthi1

anyone else interested in one? he still has the info on the CAD machine to make more

I can check to see how much he would charge if anyone is interested

This is badass.

Woah, that looks bloody great! I’d be interested in one. I expect they wouldn’t come cheap though…
Is there a plate for the bottom too?

But damn, that does look cool! Good job :slight_smile:

This is insane - I MUST HAVE ONE.

Can you do it from Platinum? :wink:

waouh super cool
is it heavy ?

Shit! Cost?

its enclosed all around, he put some non conductive material on the bottom, and the Shruthi fits snugly inside, the front plate is removable i think , Ill get more details, he just emailed the pics to me and I was " “”

Can we have round corners?

Im not sure, he lives 1200 kms from me and isnt answering his texts, but he should be on lunchbreak in 30 minutes or so

This model should be named “thermonuclear winter” - tough as a cockroach !
I would use plain clear coat for this.
In case of self-defense this surely could be the weapon of choice… :wink:

Holy crap.
That’s cool.

My interest grows…

Bravo… nice work :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can he make a nice n’ heavy one from Osmium?
If he could get canuck director J CAM on board, noo… I can’t help it - it’s a T1000. We’re all gonna die!

Holy crap! I want one done in Mithril!

Yeah, nice work! Heavy metal edition. \\m/

put knuckle duster rings on the back side and you got a massive piece of wearable shruthi jewelry!

O_o …totally interested!

Or upgrade the Shruthi jewelry with knife blades on the other side to get the Shruthi cestus…and bring on melee battle hrhrhr

machined knobs?

ok he said it unfortunately would be expensive, approx120 USD plus shipping , solid chunks of premium grade metal, plus the process takes a while . I bet it looks cool doing it though!

if anyone is interested let me know and ill get him to sign up here
in the past he used to make custom machined parts for Yamaha 2 stroke motorcycles so he was done work to order before