Homemade Ambika

And where is your company’s wastebin, exactly ???

here at my work I’ve found (working) oscilloscopes and a peavey graphic equalizer, as well as some tubes of 74xx chips, but a set of SSM2164… wow :smiley:

Crazy work anyway. Schrab has a competitor now…


OMG! That’s crazy, man! I could not assume that someone will make this!
Talking about competition it’s complete victory :wink: All my respect!
(i’m stuck into work till new year so my ambika is still with 3 voicecards, but there is soldering january coming)

how did you do the SOIC16 -> DIP16 adapters? did you solder them “deadbug style”?
can you please post a close up picture?

Yo schrab!
Glad to see you, i was frightened some kind of PermaFrostFate™ happened to you . . . .

Yo! It’s quite frosty here, but there was only one day with -30, and I’m into HotBeautyContestVideoDesign™ :smiley:

-30 ?! f@ck!
And here I am running around complaining about our measly -3 :frowning:

@loderbast : It’s something like this

(here it isn’t SSM2164 but HIP4020, Half Amp Full Bridge,
useful to control things like Motorized Fader )

Very awesome work, a thing of beauty and in the true spirit of DIY. Kudos! All this made possible by Olivier’s generosity in making all his hard work open source and freely available. Long live DIY and long live Open Source (and long live Olivier ;-)!

interesting. thanks nicoo. looks doable.

i’ll build my midibox gm5x5x5 soon. it’ll be my first time smd soldering. if that works out well and therefore my smd confidence rises i’ll try this with LTC1799 for bending.

Wow nicoo, this is amazing!

Nicoo, wondering if you have any process for figuring out routing, laying out the circuit. I think I might actually try to do this with a Shruthi to begin with and see how that goes. Just wondered your thoughts as it will be a challenge no matter how it is approached.

Wow nice work! I’ve done a Midibox Sid like this but this is even more impressive!

How much time did you spend on this build? Any idea?

That looks incredible. Massive respect.