Homemade Ambika

Last summer, during the cleaning of my office, my company threw it in the trash
a smd tube of SSM216. For me it was a sign to start building an Ambika.

The progress of the work was slow until I found the ideal case : a vintage Fluke
counter/frequency-meter, with ideal dimensions for front panel, boards and connexions.

Note It wasn’t an easy project and the building on proto-board with a lot of wire bring
some issues : SPI bus loaded with all the slave (voices and SD card) is very dirty, with
big overshoot on signals. So I was forced to slow down the speed of SPI transmissions
during the SD card access.

For the audio signal path I used this time coax wire, without cross talk and noise :))

Thanks again and again Olivier, for this amazing synth and all your stuff.
I hope meet you again, probably in Paris @ModularSquare, for a public presentation of yours new realizations :))))

And now I will sell my poly800, if someone in Paris interested :))

More picture

@nicoo Amazing work!

Don’t sell you P-800- mod it! You can do some pretty crazy things with the Hawk-800 and Atomohawk mods.



Notice the SOIC16 -> DIP16 adapters.

Also, I think you would have many things to talk about with Schrab :smiley:

nice one

Massive respect!

True DIY spirit!

@pichenettes: I like Schrab’s etched enclosures, I dream of doing such pretty cases

And I hope I do not hurt you by not buying your own PCB, but I prefer to
feel free with found spare component, sometimes make some changes,
and be able to adapt front panel for DIY cases…

Much respect Olivier!


o_O Truly impressive work ! Much respect

see? no need to worry about PCB availability! beautiful work

nicoo, all you need to do is make sure to talk up olivier and his designs whenever anyone will listen to you! and then send them a link to the shop :slight_smile:

Wow - serious respect. This is the picture that got me:


How did I know this would be coming? Respek knuckles to you nicoo! How in the hell do you even plan this stuff out? Serious respect. Between you and schrab you two could build the next module for the International Space Station out of recycled coke bottles, discarded aluminum foil, and old transistor radios.

amazing build! give us some more gut shots please!

BTW, what is this company throwing SSM2164 in the trash? How can someone do that?

How nicoo instruments are made:

@pichenettes : my company design video (and a little bit audio) switcher/mixer.

In ancestral times they used VCA, there a few years digital pot,
and now the audio path is only ADC-(I2S bus)FPGA(I2S bus)-DAC, no more

VCAs have become obsolete in the industry…