Holy sh*t! Mutable Instruments @ Trent Reznor Studio


“Some new and old friends getting to know each other.”

i’m not dreaming, it’s an anushri behind the prophet 12 and the Octotrack?

Undeniable ! You are right.

sorry for the excitement, reznor is one of my heroes :wink:

You’re not dreaming :slight_smile:

Question is, who built it for him? anyone on here?

Who says he didnt build it himself? :);;

Outstanding! An Anushri next to a P12. The shape of things to come.

Trent has always been known for fabulous taste.
should sign up here :wink:

Nice find! I was just bumping some NIN while dropping the wifey off.

Very nice indeed NIN .And although that might me an analog four that is definitely Anushri . Well done Mutable Instruments !

Well, maybe i’s my imagination, but i have quite the impression that the Anushri is pretty well featured on this NiN’s single
wicked track by the way.

not available in my country of course. what a surprise

What country is that?

Awesome tune. The new NIN album appears to be a return to form.

Also, absolutley Anushri usage in there, but I think there’s a ton of that Analog 4 that’s also pictured (possibly being run through the Anushri in some parts). Knowing Trent, it also sounds like he’s running a couple of the A4 tracks through the Anushri and the Anushri through the A4 (which is something I’ve done and it’s fuckin awesome). I bet they’re running the Anu’s drums through the A4 to make them pop in the mix with the A4’s FX and filters.

Nice to know my hero and I both make use of the same two pieces of gear in similar ways.


I’m just a Copy of A Copy of A!

(Had both the A4 and the Anu before I ever saw that pic, but I can’t lie and say it doesn’t feel extra special now…)

Now I just need that OB-X! =(

Their new album is now streaming worldwide in its entirety, for free: http://ninein.ch/NINHMStream (via iTunes in the US, Deezer in Canada, and Guardian music everywhere else).

it does not surprise me, trent reznor always was a big fan of analog and digital, and he always had good taste! but I think he has a great fondness for analog gear Long life nine inch nails
(the last album is sublime!) ^^