Holiday Payload

I have a few days off in October - so fine, so good - but what should i take with my if i am only allowed to have 84hp of Modules?

  • a smugled in CVpal to connect my Mac with CycliC - and a Korg NanoKeys

Have a closer look here

Any suggestions?

Is this some sort of sick way of teasing us with those two centrally located modules? Poor taste, sir. Poor taste.

Just kidding. This looks like a fun little box. Seems like you’ve got all the bases covered that I would want. Triples has a nice random waveform? The more I think about it, the more I think I wouldn’t change anything. How do you like those LS1s? And I somehow didn’t expect you to have a Maths…the removal of lightning bolts pushed you over the edge? :wink:

why the otool? is it so fundamental?

I’d replace the Mixer & O’tool by 1x Shades, 1x Dixie II (what’s the point of a mixer if there is nothing to mix, and 1x 4HP bonbon like an Ataraxic translatron. Now that would be fun)

+1 for getting rid of mixer and scope.

lots of useful things you could fill up that space with, dependning on what you’re planning to do with it.

shades + dixie is definitely a good idea.

other useful things that come to mind:

a132-1 2x vca
a-101-2 lpg
asol lfo+nz
a148 s&h
a150 2x vc switch
a151 seq switch
a183-1 2x attenuator
a183-2 offset+polarizer

Also, I’d swap the red or blue pill by the green one :slight_smile:

anyway, definitely needs moar vca.
with all those modulation sources, you’ll want to be able to modulate modulation depths…

I can only swap in and out things that i have on stock, as im leaving next Sunday :wink:

OK for the mixer, will swap out with shades. Maybe ill leave also a LS-1 and put in a Green Pill as mentioned. The O’Tool is because i have the Maths brand new and i like to see whats going on, rather than only hear. I was just so curious that Makenoise finally got me especially after its only highly ugly now instead of InstantEyeCancerogene™ . But it might be as well the first module i let go if its noninspiring…

the LS1 i quite nice for the price, only backdraft is you’lll have to file the holes (wrong aligned) and you need a Track and Hold if you want to play notes that hold pitch after releasing.




This is too vanilla for me :wink:

Oh noes, you’ve become a BoutiqueModularFreak™! If you’re not carefull you’re going to regress into pure ConceptModularitis™ where you never make noises/music, instead you’ll drool over just cardboard mockups or just pure concepts. Hmm, sounds like someone very close to me - BöseJojjelito. Beware so you don’t become like him!

I’m on the edge of becoming a modularfreak myself. A guy at the office is trying to sell me a 6U case with a Toppobrillo Mixiplexer, Pittsburgh Generator, doepfer lowpass filter (can’t remember model), 808 Bd and a doepfer phaser… tempting… and of course resistance is futile.

Of course you can’t resist! However, things start to go wrong, downhill even, once everything not made by some weird ass hipster on acid by hand in a small cave under the sea in small numbers isn’t good enough.

No that there’s anything wrong with that, but…

Oh, I forgot to mention that the sneaky !@# lent me I dream of wires… They talk about west coast and drug inspired Buchlas. :wink:

Nooooooooo how did the came to this idea. On the other hand, an average Buchla performance is way easier to bear if you had some…

Nah, maybe not drug inspired… but weird anyway.

That red panel did sound interesting :smiley:
The choice around here would be to bear watching IDOW hardcore ed BD on a 50" Kuro and 9.2, or a 60" Sharp and 11.2. All that, and still the old Buchla people didn’t exactly make “music” or something I’d enjoy listening to anyway.

Most of the speakers are B&W and Monitor Audio, plus some Ino Audio and Sunfire. Still doesn’t help, but they make me enjoy my Roisin Murphy more :stuck_out_tongue:

Soeaking of boutique Modules - you should try the Razmasynth Cthulhu, guess its your cup of coffe regarding unique dirty raw sounds…

OK, here we go, my Holiday Payload Setup: Snobbery and Decay!

Left to right:

  • Sonic Potions LXR
  • Pete Kviteks MidiALF
  • Shruthi-1 SMR-4 MK1
  • Behringer 802 (hey, its just 49€!)
  • Parts of my Modular + FX

So im off for a few days… dont derail anything while i am away :wink:

well enjoy your holiday!
and don’t pretend we didn’t warn you about not packing enough vcas in that little euro rig of yours. :slight_smile: