Highly Liquid UMR-2


I’d love one!



You can buy UMR-2 in my shop here:







Hi. On your website what is the difference between the UMR 2 “full kit” (for ¥ 5,150) and the “UMR Midi retrofit” (for ¥ 6,150)? Is the “full kit” version all the parts but not assembled?
It’s great to see that you are selling them individually now and a bulk order isn’t necessary!


just in case anyone looks here before I work it out myself and can offer any advice… has anyone had success using the Yamaha CS01 guide linked above?

I have a UMR2 all linked up in my CS01… set up seems to work (i.e. notes being received, lights blink at the correct time etc.)
However, whenever the umr2 is attached to the keyboard matrix, random parts of the keyboard do not play when keys are pushed. The “Act” light blinks when MIDI is sent, but no notes ever play. However, when holding down one of the keys that still plays the sound is seemingly interrupted by the MIDI - almost as it the MIDI is causing tremelo.

removing the UMR 2 connections to the keyboard matrix immediately restores the synth to working order…

testing with a multimeter suggest that everything is connected as it should be to the CS01. Am tearing my hair out a bit and considering the idea that the data & select connections are reversed… testing this seems potentially lethal to the synth though…