High Pass filter working a bit too well

Noticed this a long time ago but was too lazy to look into it.
When I switch the filter to HP, all of Anushri sound disappears (I can hear something faintly if I turn up the volume). I thought it might have been the soldering of the switch but everything looks fine.

Did you sweep the filter cutoff back? (dumb question, but might as well start there) I am having issues with my Anushri, but I’ve been too busy to go beyond basic troubleshooting. I’ve found some cold and broken solder joints, so I have some work to do. I just don’t know when time will permit. Too many projects!

oh yeah, I tried a few things.

HP filter cutoff works backwards. Closed allows all frequencies to pass. As you open it up, it gradually cuts out the low frequencies. Did you try turning the cutoff completely CCW?

EDIT: check soldering/values in the yellow blob.

It might also be a bad connection between the two boards. Check point ‘M’ directly on the main board (as shown at the end of the build instructions).

Thanks for the tips, I’ll check tonight,