Hidden synth mode in Clavia NL / NR / NL2 / NR2

The so-called Pelle’s mode.

I know some of you are happy owners of at least one of this amazing red machines, so… enjoy!

See (more precisely hear) it in action:

Cool, huh?

You’d be surprised to know what kind of stuff can be “unlocked” in Tides, Yarns, Frames & Peaks :smiley:

That’s definitely one more reason to fiddle with the source code!

Hunting for easter eggs and hidden modes… I wish I had the skills and the time for it.

Not to mention all the black smoke hidden in all the kits.

How did you find this smoke? Mine somehow came without….

You probably read the directions too well.

To be honest, i don’t read building instructions when everything you need to know is on the PCB :wink:

Ah i see you unlocked the forums secret humble brag mode :wink:

Part of the magic is dragging components out of dedicated drawers instead of reading bad colored red/brown rings on resistors or microscopic 103/104 labels on caviar sized parts -makes building much faster and safer. Backdraft: you need to stock components for the value of a P5….so its only for the really bad addicted that have no life otherwise.

For everything else check here