Hi Marbles

I was about to ask a question about Gate lengths in marbles but now I’ve spotted the extra explanation on the website versus the printed manual.

So this is now just a pointless ‘Hi’ on the forum now that I’d signed up, Loving Marbles so far, its just what my rack wanted. My 4th proper MI Module plus… a Monsoon a local synth guy built for me.

Is there a setting for the Gate adjustments (BIAS and JITTER) that happens to be the module’s default?



The factory setting is bias at 50%, and jitter at 0% (no randomization of the length, which is always 50% of a clock tick).

Good to know, thanks @pichenettes :slight_smile:

I figure I’ll ask this here, rather than starting a new thread.

‘Sometimes’ Marbles doesn’t start up and seems to be in a state where its not accepting clock, I’m mostly clocking this with a clock mult’d out of Links, I turn the modular off and on and Marbles will work again. Rate knob currently fully counter-clockwise, though I dare say I have had this occur with the rate knob in other positions.
Btw… I have lots of free power on this rack.

Does the module still react to button presses? Which LEDs are lit?

I think so, its working perfectly right now so will have to wait for a time when I spot its not started properly and try. Pitch LEDs are all lit, nothing on the gates.
Until recently i was on the limit of my power, which made me think it may be under-power at startup, I’ve now upgraded and have a couple of Konstantlab busboards and their BoardPWR with a 120watt power brick and fairly minimal plugged in (Top two rows here Current 4 Row - Eurorack Modular System from wishbonebrewery on ModularGrid )

Hi again,
I got it on Video if you need it, all buttons function as they should, ALL Pitch CV lights Y and all X* are lit Green, ALL T* lights are out. Rate knob does not effect anything if turned, though still set at zero.
Again clock signals are via Links mult which is flashing merrily.