Hi everyone! TR-606 triggering issues

Hey there,
Been lurking for a few months. A little bit about myself before the cry for help:
Living in Memphis, TN. Don’t get a lot of time to work on music, but try to enjoy myself when I do. I was looking for an analog tabletop synth this summer and read a lot of amazing things about the MI products. Magically found an already-assembled Anushri on ebay and scored it for about 60% of the unassembled price! I am so inspired by this little orange beast. Wish that I had been able to put the effort in to build myself, but already scratched that itch with a Paia 9700 (since sold - stupidly) about ten years ago. Haven’t had room for any sort of workshop in a long time. :frowning:

A few questions that I hope do not annoy:

1) Since I didn’t build the thing myself, there seem to be one or two “ghost in the machine” features with my Anushri. One is that the VCO range button seems very twitchy and is sensitive to just being pushed downwards. I kind of like the unpredictability of that though. The second could be an actual build flaw: The Cutoff knob seems to “top out” at 12 o’clock. In other words, the LPF is all the way open at 12 o’clock, the BPF and HPF timbres don’t seem to change at all beyond about 12:30 and the HPF has some bleed through even up to the max setting (5 o clock). Is it possible that the wrong type of pot was installed in the Cutoff spot? The VCF calibration procedure is for resonance “tuning”, and doesn’t affect the cutoff right?

2) I seem to be having a bit of trouble triggering the Anushri with my Roland TR-606. Both the Lo-tom and Hi-tom 1/8" trigger outs seem to be stepping the Anushri sequence only 1 out of every 6 triggers (666 :<) I poked around the internets and was reading this:
Ok super weird. I have been able to trigger Roland Juno 60’s perfectly, and with an S-trig adapter, I can use it to trigger my Korg Mono/Poly’s arp perfectly. There is also this thread: http://www.vintagesynth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=65307
which seems perhaps the opposite of this thread:http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/2273/anushri-cv-gate-out-and-sequencer/p1
The TR-606 sends out 14-15V signals and 20ms pulses. The Anushri is looking for 5V pulses. Is this simply a match that cannot be made?

Ok thanks friends! pichenettes you are awesome. Sad that I don’t have a modular setup and cannot further support your magick. Maybe someday there will be enough room and $.

PS, all this silliness: https://soundcloud.com/noiserpuss

> seem to be stepping the Anushri sequence only 1 out of every 6 triggers (666 :<)

That’s because Anushri, by default, uses 24 pulses per quarter notes - so it requires 6 pulses per sequencer step.

Look for clock resolution in the manual.

Regarding the problems 1 these look like assembly issue - particularly the VCO range thing.

One thing worth noting is that several modulation sources can affect the filter - especially the velocity. If you send notes at full velocity all the time, you’ll open the filter more than with medium velocity.

Ahh! So I set the ppqn to 4 whenever I want it to step once per sequencer step and back to 24 for MIDI syncing with a DAW. Yes! I was getting mighty crabby about this last night. Now the Anushri, 606, and Mono/Poly are singing quite harmoniously. Thanks pichenettes!