Hexinverter.net Mutant Clap Malfunction

Anyone built a Hexinverter.net Mutant Clap? I just built mine, and unfortunately, while it looks great, it doesn’t seem to work properly. The Noise output seems OK (so that part of the circuit is working), but the actual clap output seems to be screwed-up. The Hexinverter.net forum on Muff Wigglers seems pretty dead at the moment.


I built the hihat and it’s not working right either. I need to dive into the schems and figure it out, just haven’t had the time. Send Stacy an email asking for the schem for troubleshooting. He’s pretty quick to respond.

That’s worrying. I have a Mutant Hats still to make. Hope you get it fixed. Let me know what went wrong with yours, when you find out, so I can avoid the same thing happening to mine.


I’m sure I just have a part wrong somewhere. I seem to make mistakes with hex stuff for some reason. Good thing some battery acid PCB’s just arrived.

@toneburst: make sure the Drive and the EXT pots are both set at least to 12’o clock or higher. Mine didn’t seem to work because I had the EXT volume to zero, which interestingly also zeroes out the internal noise oscillator.