Hexinverter Battery Acid CV Panel

Anyone know where (if anywhere) I can buy a Euro panel for the Hexinverter Battery Acid CV? I bought the CV version of the PCB from Hexinverter, and (I’ve now realised), stupidly picked up the panel for the simpler Battery Acid from Re:Synthesis. The extra features of the CV version look cool, but I haven’t been able to find a pre-made panel for it anywhere. I may just have to make my own, but I’m lazy (and time-poor)…


Incidentally, I realise I should probably be posting this over at Muffwigglers, but it looks like it’s still down, or at least still partially f•cked-up.


a panel for this PCB has never been made and actually the Mutant Hot-Glue kind of makes it obsolete anyway.
you can make one yourself quite easily with a blind panel+drill+the good old toner transfer trick

@rumpelfilter Hot Glue does look nice, but I’m not sure I need the mixer features, and it’s a super-wide module, which I’m trying to avoid, at the moment, for space reasons.

I don’t have a pillar drill, unfortunately, so drilling the panel myself might be a challenge. I could give it a go with a power drill, though, I guess.

Have you had much success with toner-transfer?


No I’ve never used toner transfer myself, but I know that a lot of people use it with good success.
You could post about it over at the Electronic Music DIY community on g+ there’s a couple of people who are doing a lot of panels this way, maybe they have a couple of tips for you. A guy who goes under the nick “Alexander M” even posted a tutorial some time ago.
The other possible solution is to have one lasered from plexy of course.

…or to have a Front Panel Express/Schaefer one made. Expensive option, though.

Thanks for the tips.


yep, didn’t want to mention that one because it’s expensive.
oh wait… you could also try thebeast.co.uk. Nice people, better price than FPE. and a cnc engraved panel looks kind of stylish imho

I made a homemade panel for my battery acid module, I managed to squeeze it all into 14 hp, too. I got some aluminum sheet from online-metals.com or something like that, they’ll cut to any size you want, and it’s pretty cheap. Anyway, I used a cordless hand drill and centerpunched my holes. It’s still tough to prevent the drill from walking, but if you start slow and then crank up the speed, it’s not too bad. One of my jacks ended up a little out of position, but I don’t care, it’s DIY! I also used water slide transfer paper. It looks cool and is fairly easy to work with (found a decent youtube video from a guy who was making an FX pedal). The only thing is that it tends to rip when you install the nuts on the front of the panel. All that said, if I did it again, I’d probably buy and build the RYO optodist and call it a day.

@coldfashioned thanks for the tips. Was that the Battery Acid CV version, with the builtin compressor? That’s the reason I want to get mine working. I’m also tempted by the new Meth Amp (terrible name) from Frequency Central, having said that. I may just go for one of those, instead.


Yeah - it was the CV version with the built-in compressor. I haven’t quite gotten it dialed in yet, but it could be an error (or noobiness) on my part.