Hex2Sysex Script Issue (manufacturer ID)

I’ve just moved to v0.95, for which I applied my personal mods to the source code. I’ve taken the latest code from github, as well as the “avrlib” and “tools” directory.
Everything went smooth, except when uploading the SysEx file to the Shruthi, it wouldn’t react.

I checked the SysEx in hex view and found the newly compiled file to have a different header:
F0 00 21 02 00 02 7E

instead of the one from all previous syx files I downloaded / compiled
F0 00 20 77 00 02 7E

So it looks like the script produces a syx file with a wrong manufacturer ID.
However, I got a workaround by using an “older” hex2sysex script and the file would upload then.

When I designed the Shrut(h)i, I did not register a SysEx manufacturer id because I thought I would sell 50 of those. I took an unregistered id (0x20 0x77) and moved on.

2 years later:

  • I have sold and soldered more than 50 of those :slight_smile:
  • 0x20 0x77 got reserved by someone else.

So I have applied for an id, and here it is: 0x21 0x02.

If the bootloader on your chip is older, it won’t recognize packets with the 0x21 0x02 ID, so to make a .mid or .syx with the old ID, use make old_syx or make old_midi. Try to stick to use 0x21 0x02 whenever you can.

Ah, thanks for clarifying!
I crosschecked with the ref. manual, which says 0x20 0x77, so I presumed this was the one you applied for.

Anyway, gotta make some music Those fold / bit distortions sound lovely !