Here is my case design

At this address

you can see some pics of my case concept. A prototype is already in preparation. The material will be obviously acrilic, but for the prototype I’m using mdf. The case will be laser cutted so it’s thinked to rise from 2D to 3D (as has been done before by anyone else). The good thing is that is possible to personalize the colour of the four walls, of the corners and/or the top/bottom plates.

As the prototype is done I’ll post more pics.

Like the friendly, rounded look. Altitude has done something like this for his WTPA.

Figured I’d give some WTPA love too!

Toggles in the middle activate some bends.

On thing to bear in mind with these types of designs is that the thickness that they say the material is does not mean it is the thickness that it is so design in some slop to make up for any tolerance issues. I just made a half dozen extra slices for the sides of my WTPA enclosure and sure enough, the material that was supposed to be 3mm was like 2.6mm thick…

@altitude: you are absolutely right, in fact I’m producing more “angles” than necessary, just thinking to tolerances. Lateral panels can be adapted easily. Of course my prototype will reveal any issue with this case to be solved after.

I like the rounded look as well! Good idea with the plexy used in layers.
I agree with the thing about the thickness… it really is not that precise.
Anyway, something I’ve been thinking about: why not use some smaller pieces of plexy between the bigger layers to create a grid-like texture? Could save material and look nice…

Hmmm… my supplier for Plexi (Evonic who bought Röhm, the Inventor of Acrylglass) is quite accurate, if they say 3mm its really 3.00mm. Maybe better ask before you have not enough spacer.

@rumpelfilter: the first model had no lateral walls but a sort of grid composed by “missing strips” of material; but it was less nice-looking, no big differences from materia/cost point of view and it was more fragile. The sketchup rendering has no engraving at all, so I hope the prototype will look much better than the rendering.

By the way I’m trying to optimize this case, e.g. the “corners” can be obtained from a 6mm plexy sheet in order to reduce the number of parts and/or the cutting lines. If it works you can use two or three small plexy sheet with different thinkness (and different colours, why not?) instead of one bigger piece.

The prototype is finished.

the case

find here other pics

The prototype is good and the design deals well with tolerances (at least with MDF). Big mistake are the engraving for audio “in” and “out” which are too low, so they get almost covered by the jack nuts; the top panel is 1 mm too high compared to te line of the lcd, I have to lower it; Muldee logo has to be definitely smaller.

I like the big Logo!