Here, here

Something happened.

Kinda tempted actually… Another clue or 2 might persuade me better!? :wink:

Oh the ignominy! I’m almost too poor to even eat this month (and wedding coming up in 3 weeks) so no mystery modules for me.

(unless one of you wants to buy me a nice wedding present…?)

Clue : you’ll be paying this less than 2/3 of its retail price.

Haha, I thought the Mutable mascot was the Capybara, not the Guinea Pig! Cool concept, but I’m out. I have exhausted my wife’s good will toward extraneous module purchases…

Ordered! I guess it’s Warps? :slight_smile:

Oh what the hell…

Something about protos and stuff like this makes me feel special.

Olivier, you’re killin’ it these past few weeks…starting to feel sorry for your DHL agent :wink:

I might be in but I can only accept stuff that is shipped by mail, no more couriers. The brokering charges kill me, it’s just not worth it.

WHOA. That happened faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast.

Good, temptation taken care of.

What happens here ? Hard to follow the forum life…

Darn. What’d I miss!

I’ll be really disappointed if ‘Multiples’, the new Mutable Instruments passive mult module pops through my letter box next week…


At least it would probably look good.

And maybe it would come with a complimentary €100 metal trinket.


The tyranny of time zones! I’m always asleep when these special offers happen…

uhm, what?
so, what did i miss here?

Olivier posted a mystery module in the shop. It was just an eagle snippet and a small description about how it could blow up.

He did say it looks lovely. That’s enough for me… :wink: