Here goes!

Hi so I bought an assembled shruthi on ebay and also a kit with the plan to open it up and to be able to see exactly the soldering standard and to be able to double check placement, never soldered anything before!
I was playing around with it and having fun when it got stuck in 'Programmer mode now even when leaving the power off for a long time I don’t get the home screen, it’s stuck see attachment, i think the firmware is .97 what’s happened?

You switched on programmer mode and didn’t connect any programmer - because the CV input is floating Shruthi interprets this as constant tweaking of knobs and shows this on screen.

Open, connect CV1 IN to GND, the flickering stops and you can set programmer mode to off.

ah ok thanks

Or install Firmware 1.0 + and push encoder while booting to select Programmer/Nonprogrammer Modes.

Or build a Programmer :wink:

maybe a little bit advanced for me give me a week :slight_smile:

can you talk me through it a bit more as i haven’t assembled one yet
do you mean open the box and touch GND with CV
where is the GND it aaaargh, what the hell did i do???
do i open the back of the unit
sorry feel like such a noob

ok I’ve seen the GND top left of box but what do i do??

I think it would be easier to upgrade the firmware to 1.01…. See the Manual on how to do this. And read the “Hardware Selection” Chapter on how to change the Mode to “Classic”

Ok tried to do firmware update, powered on with s6 held down still getting programmer screen?
s2 and s3 buttons show notes and numbers

Power the unit with the encoder pressed. Try this a few times until it shows “classic” on the screen.

From which ebay seller did you get the assembled unit by the way?

Hi tried pressing encoder down many times whilst switching on still locked in programme mode
here is the listing
it was working fine originally
not sure where to go now

Since the seller of this synth doesn’t give a penny to Mutable Instruments (not even the boards are purchased from me) and behaves in ways which hurt this community and my company - I will not provide any assistance to you.

Next time, please buy the real thing from Mutable Instruments (for kits) or from a trusted builder. This will ensure that your money will go to the actual people who’ve designed the instrument.