Her name is RIO-1

Here is my attempt to create my own version of Shruthi-1.
There are various Duran Duran tribute bands, songs, etc., so why not a DD tribute synth :wink:

Some technical info:
Oscillator 1 uses CEM3340.
Oscillator 2 is digital and is based on Shruthi-1 source code.
Analog filter is SSM2164 / 4-Pole Mission design.

If anyone wants to see RIO-1 in action, below is a small demo:


:heart_eyes: Brilliant !
Could we see under the hood :wink:



Awesome piece of work there!

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Board on the left is a 4-PM filter & vca, on the right is oscillator 1 (CEM3340, “ultra saw”, ring mod) and a mixer. I used both types of components together - through-hole & SMD :slight_smile:

Digital part was made on one big universal board:


Congratulations, Shruthi-1 lives!

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That’s awesome. So on the digital board is that a stm32 f405 on that little green breakout board?

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This is ATxmega32e5.

Georgeous work :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys :slight_smile: