Help with Trimmers

Hey guys,

I would like to use a trimmer more like this. Just because I think it might be convenient to run a finger across the trimmer. Anyone see any problems with trimmers like this? Will this work?

Should work fine, but beware: trimmers are not for frequent use, they are intended for trimming so they might wear much faster than Pots.

Would be ok for anything except V/Oct or DC offset adjustment on the filter board - for those it’s often a matter of half-turn to get it right!

I don’t know what any of the parameters mean, so could you explain the “half-turn” thing to me? Which characteristic tells you that this trimmer can’t do that? Perhaps I can find a similar trimmer with better resolution.

For VCFs, I think it is important to get good tracking of the resonance self-oscillation with the note (kill all oscillators, set resonance to 63, the self-oscillation sine-wave should play a musical scale…)

The adjustment can be very subtle! The trimmers provided with the kit are 22 turns, it might be painful to locate the right spot but for precise adjustment it’s perfect! The part you mention is single turn, so a slight rotation of the part is enough to change the tuning. It’s OK for the contrast of the LCD (probably even better), but so so for the filter board…

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I need some help with a trimmer on a Shruthi LP Delay board. I was unable to get a 20k trimmer for the board when i was ordering parts. Instead I got a 25k, same size and type. I’m thinking it’s not a big deal and it will work, but I want to be sure this delay board to work. Should I wait and get a 20k trimmer or will the 25k work as a replacement?

You can use the 25k, it’s fine!

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thank you