Help with recently purchased Elements

Okay, I’m puzzled/frustrated - hoping for some help.

I just picked up Elements and just to test things out, I’ve been going through a bunch of videos - picking out only the most basic demos - ones that are using only the Play button, no gates, no CV for anything and setting all pots as close as I can from the video.

My concern is that I’m not getting anything at all like I’m seeing in the videos. I’m not expecting it to be identical, but it should be close. Additionally, one of the videos I’m using is the actual module that I bought, so it should DEFINITELY be closer than what I’m getting.

I reflashed the firmware and calibrated per instructions on the MI site with pretty much no change.

Thought it might be a power thing, so I put it in a little case by itself with a uZeus and the results were the same.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on? I reeeeeallly want to love this module (as I have in every video I’ve watched), but it doesn’t seem to be behaving right.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Because it is a used one, maybe the previous user set it in the Ominous Voice mode :

As Émilie told back then :

What is it?

“Ominous” is a secret “easter egg” in Elements, which turns the module into a weird 2x2 operators FM synth voice. Think Braids’ FM/FBFM times two. It lives in a strange middle-ground between classic subtractive analog and what you’d expect of FM.

How to activate it?

Set all the attenuverters and all the TIMBRE knobs of the Exciter section to their minimum position. Set all the attenuverters and the DAMPING , POSITION , and SPACE knobs of the Resonator section to their maximum position.

Hold the PLAY push-button for 5 seconds. Press PLAY again. The push-button’s built-in LED should be off. You can now move the attenuverters and other knobs to their normal position.

How to get back to the normal modal synthesis firmware?

Same procedure as above.


I agree that your module is probably in the easter egg mode. It is a very common situation actually – people seem to forget (?) that the module is in the easter egg mode, get frustrated or unsatisfied with it, and sell it second hand.

Please don’t do that, there is no logic behind that. If the module powers on, the firmware is fine.

I’ll check that again. I forgot to include in my notes that I had tried that. It seemed like when I switched, it was definitely different than the usual sounds, but I’ll try it again tonight.


You should also consider that one of the alternative resonator models is used, as described here:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

After bouncing around in the different modes and trying to match what I was hearing in the video of the actual unit I bought, it seems it was in either mode 2 or 3, rather than 1.

Was able to get pretty close to the video, so I’m now highly confident that everything is just fine!

Now, on to explore!!

Best regards!