Help with my design

Hi I´m working on a case for my Shruthi-1 (SMR 4)
This is totally new to me. I want to use a lot of area to write out the menus.
I made a sketch of how my plans for it is.
Does this make sense? Am I missing something out?
Mounted the Shruthi yesterday so I haven´t figured out the menus yet.

This is the right picture, sorry!

I like it, but i predict that you will get tired of looking back & forth between the button & the label, until you have learnt what each button does (digging the design :D).
The knobs should probably be spaced farther apart, depending on your specific knob’s diameter (ehehe), coupled with the size of your fingers…
You might want to research the exact dimensions of your 16x2 displays bezel, or you are going to end up with a big gap all the way around :frowning:

Actually, none of my shruthis has anything written close to any buton, and still you get used to which button you must hit for what function very quickly. So I think that writing down the button functions is more a matter of visual design than actual use.

Looks retro-cool , but Id make the lettering larger

True, forgot about that… I suspected that it was more of a visual thing, so keep it :slight_smile:

I agree, the lettering will be bigger, and it´s only there for the design.
Does anyone know the exact commads for each button?

Everything is available here
Otherwise, you may be inspired by altitude’s designs : here

Starting to build my case for the Shruthi.
I chose a product called SSV Solid Surface in white which we have at work!
It´s a sheet made out of acryl and minerals, hard compressed.
The same material that you see on the counters at McDonalds/Burger King etc.
It´s easy to wotk with and you get a good result.
When you glue this togeteher and sand it afterwards you can´t see the seems. They´re invisible!
It looks like this:

I now have drilled some holes for the knobs.
When doing this I came up with an idea to remove some of the material on the backside so
the LEDs will shine through the material.
I will then put sticker on the front that marks the LED with a black circle around it (see my sketch).

This is how it looks with some LEDs lit up.



That’s a large case though - are you just generous with your dimensions, or are further controls going to appear on this panel?


At the moment I am going for the actual controllers thats on the board.
It won´t be that big when you see the decals mounted.
It measures 20x15x5 cm + the walnut sides i will moutn later.

Carving out the hole for the display.
When the case is finished I will design some kind of decal that hides the leak around the display.

Tomorrow will be the big day when I start glueing this thing together and sanding it.
Hoping that my knobs, powerswitch, buttons and decalpapers will arrive tomorrow from Musikding.
Getting closer!

More progress, the woodensides cut to right format, just sanding and oiling left on them.
Been thinking if I should put “श्रुति मोनो सिंथेसाइज़र” on the lower frontside?

That’s a sick design :wink:

looks nice.

Redesigned the front, I decided to make the frontplate go in line with the wooddetail.
Looks nicer I think.
Did not receive the stuff from Musikding today, hope it will arrive tomorrow!