Help with midi controls and Ambika

Any users out there with the Ambika? Anyone have a good patch they want to share? I’m LAZY with MIDI set ups =)

BTW: I’m impressed with the quality of this thing over the SL series. It sucks it’s only USB powered (adapter ftw), but other than that, they keys feel way better than the more expensive model and I love the big LCD screen.

If no one out there uses one, is there a list somewhere of the MIDI CC parameters for the Ambika to make my life easier?

EDIT: found the CC chart. Guess I’ll get to work…

EDIT 2: Is there software out there that allows you to build a patches for midi controllers (as in controller CC #41= Fuction X)?

Ok so I’m in the process of creating my own patch for the Impulse 49 and the Ambika.

I guess I’m just kind of mystified by what the most efficient setup would be. Obviously I want frequency, resonance, attack and decay on my sliders, but it may be more efficient to rely on the knobs (below), because that would leave me with only 3 of the 5 FX sends.

The impulse is set up perfectly with 2 rows of 4 knobs for the knobs above and below the LCD, so that’s a pretty logical setup.

Then I need to use 8 of the 9 rubber/lcd buttons to correspond to the 8 page buttons on the Ambika.

My question is, won’t that change simply change the page while the knobs are still modulating the parameters on the first (Osc/Mix) page?

There must be a way to have one of the rubber buttons on the Impulse also change the CC value of the knobs on the corresponding page.

Either that, or I could just be a defeatist and just set up the FX to the sliders and ignore the knobs, which would lead to me probably returning the Impulse.

Any wisdom would be appreciated.