Help with Elements focused Skiff

So I’m a bit of a noob as far as eurorack is concerned. I started building a Elements centric skiff. It’s 3u, not 6 so ignore that empty row on the bottom.


I have an Elements, a microClouds, and a Maths module. I’m thinking about getting a Stages to free up the Maths for other duties (attenuation, etc). Should I get rid of the maths and free it up for something else?
Is there anything I’m missing, should do without/with? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I have an external sequencer.

What type of music/sound would you like to create?

And how will you play it (sequencer? keyboard with CV/Gate outputs?).

Yes, I would ditch the Maths and replace it with a Shades (you’ll need to attenuate those modulations from Stages if you want to use them for Clouds). Add a little sample player (2-HP play, TipTop One, Music Thing Radio Music) and/or Ears for more interesting excitation sources.

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IDM stuffs. -> sound design/leads to compliment stuff like this.

Thanks! Looks like I’ll be picking up a Shades and a Stages.

I have a Cirklon with a CVIO box. That will be the primary sequencer.

Ears is a must. A sample and hold like Links is nice for creating shifting voltages for geometry or Flow.

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i just watched this video with Ears being paired with Elements.

It’s pretty dope.

I like to patch Ears Out in to Resonator and Ears Gate in to Gate, that way I can get lots of small brushy sounds from the contact mic, and the o ly trigger the exciter of I tap of scratch hard. Really good for nice ambient sounds.