Help with an amp repair, bit of a long shot

I know this is a stretch but I figured I’d ask. I promised a friend I would have a look at an amp for him but beyond the obvious, I’m not too sure what to do from here. At first, it sounded like the problem was a simple dirty volume pot but after cleaning it (and trying a replacement) all I get now is a low level signal coming from the speaker and the volume pot has no effect. One of the tone pots has an effect and the other two do nothing. It is an old Traynor Bloc80B. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a course of action from here, maybe where to start metering or any ideas. I can tell him it’s toast and he’s okay with that, but since there is some sound coming out of it, I don’t think it’s entirely dead.

Caps look OK, soldering of the white pot and the left + middle Transistor (lower Pic) look quirky…hard to spot anything besides this.

If the amp is worth it you might try to just replace the 2 big amp transistors… They get hot so have a bigger chance of dying some time i guess…

Good catch Frank! The soldering around the white pot was the problem. When I cleared away the flux residue thing became more obvious.