Help with a Shruthi

Hello all I bought a SMR4 mk2 on eBay and it was fine, I re sold it as I am getting a make noise cartaisien and a couple of weeks after I sold it the guy who bought it said that the last pot on the right was faulty, it kept switching programs, it was fine when I sold it cut now when it was sent back to me all the pots are glitching. Does anyone know how I can get this fixed? Thank you .

Hold the encoder depressed while the unit powers on. This will switch between the shruthi and shruthi XT modes. repeat powering on with the encoder depressed until the right mode is selected.

I think it’s not a problem with the different modes because it would not have happened with only 1 pot in the 1st place.
I experienced the same kind of problem with a Shruthi I sent to a friend abroad and it ended up to be that the Atmega slightly got loose out of its IC socket.

That sounds like the wrong mode to me

According to this, the buyer had a problem with only one pot and when Mark1968 received the Shruthi returned to him, all pots were glitching.
Looks like the problem got worse after each trip…
Confirming that the MCU could get loose more and more each time.
But frankly, it is very hard to tell unless Mark makes a little video of the Shruthi behaviour.

Thank you all for getting back so quick I will do a video and show what is going on later today, hope this can be fixed. Thanks again.