HELP! Why are my modules and pedals breaking?

To be honest: It doesn’t make sense at all to theorize about a possible common cause, as long as you did not analyse the individual faults. Especially the “passes effect at barely audible levels” thing can have a thousand of possible causes (including wrong usage).
So my suggestion is: get your gear repaired by a pro technician and tell him your suspicions about a common cause. Quite likely the technician will be able to tell you the cuases for the damage.


In the US the power coming from the outlets is very “dirty”. It would be a great idea to get some type of power conditioner to clean up your power coming in and give it some good regulation. I’m glad you posted that because that’s a great idea, I’m going to get a power conditioner just for that reason myself. I had forgotten how bad the power is we get from the power companies.