Help uploading a single patch to the Shruthi

Hi all,

I accidentally deleted one of the patches I am using and need to re-upload just the one patch without deleting any other patches. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it, but I’m having no luck. I’ve been trying using C6, but I can only get the whole default patches… The patch I need is Flo bass… Could someone either point me in the right direction or something? I’m thinking I need to use something other than C6 to open the default patches (maybe some sort of editor?), and upload just the one I need…?


maybe something like reaper, but i don’t really know. i haven’t done it yet.
i think there were some single patches by users posted somewhere here on the forum. if you can find the thread maybe there’s some info.
good luck, and please report if you know how to do it

Here it is. When you do a “big backup” of all the patches, the Shruthi sends the patches by blocks, and it’s not possible to retrieve a single patch from the blocks.