Help rearranging pin functions of the STM32 on Clouds

Hello people!

First post after a long time lurking from this forum.

In attempting a DIY Cloud on perfboard and I could do with some help With the code from some wise people.

Due to lack of MCU’s (and also for ease of life) I will Be building this around a STM32F405RGT6 board purchased through the usual channels.

Fact is, some of the pins used on Clouds are used on the Dev board as part of its functionalities and have no direct connection to the headers.

To avoid doing flying cables I’d like to reassign some of the pins.

Looking at the code it is not entirely clear to me how GPIO are declared

The pins in question are the
PB5 “led data”
And PC10 PC11 switches

Can anyone shed a light?

Many many thanks

DIY Eurorack Modules

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LED shift register:

Could have I hoped for better help?
Probably not.

This validated my initial thought of where the pins where declared and ticks the first box.

Taking into account that those are the only lines of code where changes are needed I guess my next step is to find out how GPIO works in order to understand why Pin 5 means that exact pin and how is it called the one I would like to use.

Any special trick here?

Your help on this matter is very much appreciated and does really add value to the open-source spirit of your great products.

Thank you

Could you rephrase “how GPIO works in order to understand why Pin 5 means that exact pin and how is it called the one I would like to use.” to be clearer on what you would like to achieve?

Hi, apologies for late reply, I’ve been off the net .
I guess what I meant was “how do I know which pin is pin 5 between the various pin 5 that the SMT has?) ahahah sorry English is clearly not my native language.

After a bit of research I have learnt that GPIO are declared as A B C D which should be the ports where the various pins are attached.

It is in theory clear to me know ho to proceed, will update you once I get to build the hardware.

Many many thanks for the support!