Help me revive my Veils

Well, it finally happened - I plugged in a module backward, and now my favorite VCA module is acting up. Visual inspection of the board is unremarkable (no abnormal/fried looking ICs). Functionally, it doesn’t pass audio or CV. The LEDs all go from off straight to Red.

I’m really unpracticed at reading schematics - can anyone please help guide me along the path to check for faults? The package size of the CoolAudio ICs is easy enough to probe, but if anyone has guidance on how to probe the tiny pitch ICs without shorting them, I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance!

The module is reverse-polarity protected, but maybe your PSU delivered so much current that it blew the reverse protection diode or fuse? Check P1 and D2. The voltage should be more or less the same on either sides of these components (-12V, and 12V respectively).

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