Help me ID this slider!

Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this slider?



Umm, photo of the entire body, details of what it’s contained in, photos of any product/value code markings on the side, dimensions (external, and control travel)? What you have there could be anything…

damn, gwaidan, how much is shipping to germany?

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

If you look at the big picture then there is a makers mark (looks like an S?)

Its the maker I am interested in that is all, otherwise its just a standard 60mm slider

BTW its from a bitstream 3x

@rosch For you, only 20 Euros-I’ll need the payment in a mixture of Vietnamese Dong and Malaysian Ringgits, though…

@dasnut Only manufacturer that springs to mind is Songhuei, but the logo doesn’t match…

Definitely Soundwell!

thank you Jojjelito, that looks like it