Help me find the right resistor please

I know this is absurdly simple but I need help.
I usually buy kits with all parts and now that I have to find a part I’m overwhelmed by the options.

I am trying to bring my peavey pc1600x back to life. The battery is dead and I found a mod to add a Simtek chip with a resistor that will replace the battery all together:

here is a pic of what to do:
I found the chip at digikey but when I look for a 10k resistor I get 43 pages worth.

Could somebody help me figure out which one I need @ digikey?


This is the digikey 10k resistor part number used in the Mutable Intruments BOM. It will be fine.
You could do with any 10k through hole resistor.

Thanks shiftr!

Having done the PC1600x mod myself, I can confirm that resistor will be just fine. Hopefully you found that mod info on my site !

Yes dnigrin! Your site is the indisputable information source for all things pc1600x! I’m also going to change the caps on the buttons so I can see it in sets of fours like the one mod mentions minus the painting.

I have to say that after almost 12 years I have yet to find a controller that has better quality/ feeling faders. Comparing their feel and accuracy to all the akai and novation controllers is like night and day.

I have 1 question for you, have you ever had the plastic lcd screen cover come off? If so, what kind of glue can I use to reattach the plastic to metal? Glue gun or epoxy?

Haven’t ever had that problem nor feedback about it… so you’re on your own - good luck!

Glue gun would be a good choice. Epoxy is quite brittle wheras glue gun is flexible and will deal with vibration and flexing. Clean the joint first.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a go