Help me find a suitable replacement encoder

I’m working on restoring an Akai MPC1000 I purchased used on eBay.

I replaced all the switches, 35!
Everything was going well, then I replaced the encoder.
I had to do some extra wiring because the pinout of the new encoder does not match the pads.
It took a little while but when I turned it on, it worked:)

I started testing it and realized that at certain location on the encoder it skipped and didn’t register the click, then it would catch up, and go up 2 numbers or so on the next click.
Luckily, I purchased 2 of these ALPS encoders from Mouser.

I installed the next one, and I can’t believe it, the same problem! It’s at a different spot on the dial but geez, what are the chances of getting 2 new defective encoders from Mouser? It took them 2 weeks to ship.

So here is the ALPS encoder that I am trying to replace with a different brand:

Could you guys help me find a similar spec’d one from a different brand? Maybe at Digikey?


I am using JJOS and I have the encoder setting for 1 click.
I tried the other setting and 1 click moved 5 so the 1 click setting seems correct.

Right now I have just the free version of JJOS, once I find the right encoder and get it working, I will buy one of the other JJOS versions.

Google part number PEC11R-4220F-S0012. This is for a Bourns encoder. Might be better quality. Mouser probably has these, too. Good luck…

Just getting back to this.
Thanks Tonerface, for the help.

After doing some more research I found that the compatible Bourns encoder is:


Here is a picture of my finished, modded akai mpc 1000!