Help me decide if I am doing a mistake or not…

Hello guys,

So following this discussion , I lurked the market for an MPC1000 to replace my laptop for live and also production as a sequencer for my Shruthis and LXR and sampler. I am on a very low budget, so i thought I could try to look for one used, and maybe a bit malfunctioning that needed not that much work.

So I am about to buy one for 100€, BUT the seller says that it had fell over a year ago or so and since then has no sound output, it boots and works well, but no sound (pretty bad for a sampler hu?).
My questions are:
-Am I about to make a mistake and throw 100€ away?
-I guess there could be 100 reason why there is no sound anymore, including involving SMT components, but if you have any expertise in repairing these machines, do you think it could be an easy or at least doable fix? (I can’t solder SMT btw)

I wanted to ask the community as I have done that mistake before (follow this thread), threw away 50€ for an un-repairable akai s20…

I know these are speculation, I am maybe just hoping that the voice of reason will rise in this thread…

The MPC 1000 contains a number of PCBs that are hooked together with ribbon cables and connectors. It’s not unlikely that one or more of these connectors were knocked loose when the unit was dropped, which might explain the lack of sound output.

It might also be that one of the PCBs got damaged or broken in which case you’ll probably have to replace that specific PCB. You can buy tested individual boards from, but they’re not exactly cheap.

A fully working MPC 1000 without JJOS and without upgraded pads can go for as low as €400, so €100 for a broken unit might not be the best deal if your goal is to get a nice unit to make music with, and repairing broken hardware is not something you inherently enjoy. :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to make sure to get more information on what exactly does and what doesn’t work (is the lack of sound output really the only problem? Is this only for the L and R main outputs, or also for the 1-4 assignable outputs? Do the digital outputs work? Do the analog inputs work? Does the headphone outputs work? Is there visible damage to the case?) and to try and get the price down.

Thanks for your answer.
I got the guy on the phone, he told me he tried to find the source of the problem, but did not succeed. He also mentioned that there is no sound from all outputs, as well as the headphone output. He will send pictures today but mentioned it has no visible damage.
I did get the price down to 100€ including shipping, but he looked like he was not ready to go lower. I might be able to go to 90€ maybe.
The unit is upgraded with better pads and 128mo though.

I actually enjoy repairing broken hardware, but only if I’m successful, the S20 story got me a bit less enthusiast, but I managed, a year and a half ago (and with the help of the community here) to get an Alpha Juno 2 for 100€ that supposedly was dead. Turned out it needed two capacitors and it was done. This part is quite enjoyable!

I don’t know, I secretly hope that it is just a connector that fell off and that I can have a nice working unit for cheap.

If the front PCB is not connected correctly then you’d expect the headphone to be mute. This PCB also houses the CF card slot, so this PCB gets changed quite often. I replaced one for an MPC I bought, there is a ribbon cable connecting it to the main board.

I’m not sure about the rear sockets, I didn’t pay much attention.

I don’t think there’s much money to be saved in repairing an MPC if you have to buy all the PCB components to fix it.

If he said that he tried to find the source of the problem, but did not succeed, then it’s unlikely that it is just a connector problem. On the other side 100€ is not so much and if you don’t get it to work, you can sell it again. So you don’t loose much money.

Yes I figured that I could rule out all basic problems like connectors or jacks being broken.
I guess spare parts can sell pretty easily if I can’t make it work?

I’ll take it from you for €100 if you can’t get it to work and it really does have the updated pad sensors installed.

@t2k wow, tht’s a good offer.
I’ll ask him if the update he told me about. I guess this is what you are talking about ? Not only the rubber corks pads.

@paulus This video explains how to figure out if the pad upgrade is installed. My offer will require you to remove the top part of the case and send me a photo of the pads though. :slight_smile:

Right, of course, I would not dare try to sell it to you without that requirement.
I’ll check with the seller.