Help is needed -> Noisy Bass Sound Artefacts after Rehousing

Dear Community,
I’m a proud and happy owner of a Shruthi-1 with a SMR4 Filter Board. I recently bought a new case and rehoused the Synth - when I started playing today I noticed this noise when playing Bass Sounds that wasn’t there before. Can someone please help me identify the problem - that would be really great!
Thank you very much and all the best!
The noise becomes audible around the 0:03 Mark and the 0:07 Mark

Please share .wav files! (You can post attachments here in a .zip file).

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thanks for the reply! I get the message that new users can’t upload attachements :frowning: therefore I uploaded it again to a different host as in the original post…
I may add that I bought the Shruthi fully assembled

Anybody else hears something here?

seems like there’s a slight crackle on the attack of the second note.
Sounds like a loose physical connection or similar.
my first thought would be to check solder/remove any debris and reconnect the headers between the two boards?