Help I'm infected by a Microbe, it might be a virus!

I might have caught it a long time ago.
Imagine an era without iPhone, when mobile phones were only used as telephones and a smart handheld device was called a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

In those days I had a Palm TX. I used it for organizing contacts and meetings, listening mp3’s and read books while traveling.
In that period, I found an obscure website called That website contained a Microbe what looked like a pocket DAW such as ReBirth.
Also on the same website I found Bhajis Loops a complete DAW in your palmtop.

Many years and various hardware synths & sequencers later, I focused on a new synth called MicroFreak. Inevitable I stumbled over Plaits doing some research and fell in love with the possibilities.
So when Plaits nestled itself in my rack as the first modular, it has been infecting my rack with congeners!

Very recently, I found out that Microbe and Bhajis Loops has been created by Émilie Gillet!
Coincidence? I think not.

So, if this post can’t function anymore as a warning, consider it as a brief introduction of myself. :wink:


I also started off with Microbe and Bhajis! Years ago got a secondhand T3 for making music on breaks at work.

Heard vague rumblings about the Shruthi back when it came out and recognized the lineage. Very happy to see where it’s all gone, now that I’ve gotten into Eurorack. Well-deserved reputation there.

And I finally picked up a Shruthi, too.

Great to hear that I’m not the only one infected by Microbe and Bhajis.

I guess the Shruthi is an impressive instrument as well.