Help for killed Anushris

Hi all, I have 2 damaged Anushris. The LED was soldered in wrong direction. I have replaced the LEDs but other parts seems to be destroyed.
I can’t bring the VCO in tune. The rhythms don’t work too.
At the DC Voltage protection Diode I have on both sides 8V. All other points are ok.
What can I do?

Does the sequencer work? Maybe the rhythm section doesn’t work because the tempo is set to an external MIDI clock.

How are you trying to tune the VCO?

Yes, I can write and run a sequence. The LED moves arround and I hear drum sounds, but very noisy with additional squealing sound. In case the sequence runs, I cannot play the synth over midi. If I stop the sequence, I can play the synth.

Tuning: I screw the vco trimpots clockwise down to C2 at 65.4Hz. I play an octave and use the offset trimpot to fit them in tune. By reason C2 moves if I turn the offset, I adjuste vco trimpot again. and so on, until I have near 4 octaves. Unfortunately never achieved.
Thank you for your help!

Does the VCO work if you use the auto-tune function?

Yes, the VCO works in tune, with auto-tune function.

For manual tuning, you need to adjust the V/Oct trimmer until you get an octave - irrespectively of the note. At this stage, playing C2 - C3 could actually play D#2+ - D#3+, what’s important is that you get the correct interval, even if both notes are out of tune. Turning V/Oct will affect all notes.

Only once you have an octave you need to adjust the Offset trimmer to get the C2 key play a C2 note.

You might have to do a part change to get more range on the V/Oct trimmer - but I want to be sure first that you’re doing the procedure correctly.

My Anushri has developed a strange problem. It will play OK for a while, then seems to get a feed from the envelope, even though this source is set flat. There seems to be FM from another source too, and the overall sound is distorted, with the keyboard input a little flat. No combination of knobs or switches seems to fix the problem. It started a couple of days ago, went away and came back again last night. I have not started fault finding in earnest yet, and would be grateful if anyone can advise where to start.