Help? Building Shruti, does not work (photos of assembly)

Hi there, am new to all this. A friend is helping build a Shruti, he’s experienced at soldering for modular synths.

We followed instructions and managed to build it up to this far (photos in the link below)

But it still will not work, not sure the reason.

I have uploaded photos of the circuit boards, is it possible to have a look and tell us if anything looks wrong?

Photos -

We tested the power inlet using a voltmeter, there is power going into it.

thanks in advance!

Haven’t looked it over yet, and I’m a bit of a noob, but did you do the power tests earlier on in the assembly? Just curious if power was OK at least to that point. Normally you want to just assemble the power supply portion of the filter board and test voltages before continuing.

Can you be any more specific about what’s not working?

Please post the voltages measured on the colored test point described in the assembly instructions.

Please explain what is not working.

is that solder wire that you used to bridge the poles switch?

@rosch AGreed , it looks like a lot of the solder joints are dull and maybe cold?

There are a couple of joints that look suspect, and one that looks like it might be bridged with solder.

Check these and follow pichenettes advice.

Overall the Joints look sludgy. Did you use unleaded Solder? If so the temperature was to low.

hopefully our eyes can help. Being nearsighted has only ever been useful since futzing with components.