Hello! You found my shop of strange and wonderful things!

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Ow man already missed the unreleased function generator. bummer :frowning:

Agreed, but I really like that I can see the full panel!

That was missed within a minute of the test :slight_smile:

I think my order was the second order in the test, and it was gone by then. At least we can all share the sense of loss! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are sooo right!
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Feeling a lot better now!

I also had a module in my cart but my cc fraud alerts caused delays and it went out of stock :sob:

my whole experience crashed extensively after picking everything up, literally shaking, put ‚em to the cart, trying to send out the money and cracked on the credit card essentials. :alien:

Kinks for 11,90€ and shelves Expansion for 5,95€

that wasn’t romantic at all last night :construction::construction::sob:

lucky for those who copped some goodies.

looking at the OG Shruthi XT which Émilie traded as a gift some months ago. :pray: all good

Test order just arrived and I’m VERY happy! Now the only MI modules I don’t have are Clouds (never vibed with it), Yarns (no need), CV Pal ( :man_shrugging:), Anushri ( :cry:) and the magical function generator module ( :sob:).

Really looking forward to putting these to work and make beautiful noises. Thanks for the opportunity Émilie!


Elements is so beautiful, it sounds lovely.

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I missed out on Elements but I’m extremely grateful for the Plaits and Braids that just landed in Manchester. Thank you so much @pichenettes! :heart: :potted_plant:

I had planned on getting a second Elements, but I was too late. Oh, well, I’ll get the car serviced instead . . .

I wonder if I went a bit overboard with this clearance sale… very excited to finally get to add these modules to my Mutable collection - many thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:

Edges is such an amazing module. Sounds stellar combined with newer modules like QPAS, Starlab etc. Without this clearance sale, I don’t think I would have ever had chance to even try it.


Not so strange but a good relief.

copped a mint branches on reverb with a golden Nandi for 90€ :sun_with_face::dagger:

until yesterday I thought it’s a full analog thing but the bit reduction/crackling with audio rates and the twigs firmware are such good things.

the ability tu use it as a VC Switch is also great for letting a Modular do it’s own thing :alien:

Edges TOTALLY surprised me with how fun and easy it is to use. Always wanted Edges but kept putting it off until it was too late, so glad I could grab one now. I’m an old chiptune guy, too. Got several brick Game Boys with legally bought LSDJ ROMs home-flashed to carts and so on. :slight_smile:


Analogue Haven had a new Edges in stock for ages, and I waffled on ordering it for a long time. When I finally decided to pull the trigger, it was gone. Then I missed these entirely. It seems it was not meant to be.

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