Hello! You found my shop of strange and wonderful things!

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Computer voice: “You’ve got mail!”

Khajiit has wares?

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Oh no, I had a few things in my basket but when checking out via paypal it’s not working out the postage and saying it can’t ship to this address.

Another ‘benefit’ of Brexit for Normal Island?

To avoid dealing with too many tedious customs declaration, shipping outside of the EU will be only for orders above 350€.

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Same here “ There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method.” when using paypal. Stuck in a loop.

You’re right, I hadn’t set up paypal properly. I do not want to deal with paypal payments.

Super Mario 3 is legendary.

Is everything listed here the final stock, or will more items be added? Jealous of whoever got “Trails”!

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Definitely felt a sting of Trails FOMO. But resolved to be happy for whoever got it. A quirky piece of synthesizer history!


Just sent mail. Am I too late…?

Enough for today! Thanks to everyone who helped!


Be patient your orders will ship okie


Oh wow, my cat would LOVE hanging out there. :heart_eyes_cat:

When will the shop open for the rest of us? Will there be anything left to buy? :wink:

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I don’t know.

Yes, but some good stuff is gone :slight_smile:

I’m confused. How do I visit the shop? Did I miss anything?

No you did not miss anything. It’s not public yet. I was only requesting testers.

Read the thread!

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