Hello from VT

Thought I’d make an obligatory hello thread, that is if you don’t mind.

I’m Rogert (not my real name). I live in a tiny house surrounded by trees in the middle of Vermont, USA. Right now I don’t own any gear apart from a few guitar pedals (and two guitars with broken/shorted electronics).

Hi not-Rogert!
Woodtronics then…

Rogert (or possibly not), welcome, the first stage of the process is wanting to learn about making your own synthesizer. If the disease runs its normal course then you will become increasingly obsessed with the concept of making your own synthesizer followed by the joy of making your own synthesizer, followed by the increasing obsession with building ANOTHER synthesizer. There is no currently identified cure.
Fixing your guitar elecronics should be relatively simple. There’s not much in one of those unless its one of the new gibson tuneomatic or whatever they are colled, robo guitars.
Again, welcome

Oh yeah, that would be an obvious first step. I’ve had one of em since I was 13 and it never occurred to me that maybe if unscrewed the panel on the back I could see why the tone knobs aren’t working.

Yup, take that panel off and have a look. Lots of wires but not very complicated and wiring diagrams are available all over the 'net. You can even buy new pots wiith the wiring already done, just install it and solder the wires from the pickups. The only guitar I was reluctant to get into was a Fender Jaguar, so many switches!