Hello and my 1st Anushri Track

Hi, My name is Sjon (pron. like Sean or Shawn). I actually managed to buy the last of the Anushri kits in the first batch and feel very lucky! I finished my build over Thanksgiving break after 30 very meticulous hours (I am an amateur at DIY electronics/soldering) and greatly benefited from the assembly discussion forum. I found the threads about getting the boards to line up for assembly as well as getting the jacks to line up with the case particularly helpful. I had minimal troubleshooting issues, which was around not using enough solder on the DC jack connection. This situation created some instability/unpredictability with the synth dropping out if the adapter plug was touched or moved. Adding more solder fixed this problem. Previously, I have been working with a Korg Electribe EMX-1 and a Monotribe that I had modified (I outsourced that job) for MIDI in and out along with drum outs and controls to change the decay of the drums. I recently purchase a completed Shruthi-1 from piamuk but I haven’t had a lot of time to dig into this wonder yet. I also am a guitarist and have a pedalboard that has been devoted to making analogue synth sounds and sequences. Here is a Soundcloud link to the first groove I liked that I made with the Anushri. I recorded into the Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 using the Hard Limiter. I was really enjoying using the DCO to make large thick bass sounds that I have been longing for but unable to generate with the Monotribe and playing with the multi mode filter:

I hope to have some time to develop the idea more, though I feel fortunate to have completed what I have while balancing with work and home life with my wife and 6 month old son.

In closing, I’d just like to thank Oliver for designing these great synthesizers which has also generated such a robust and helpful community!

Thanks and best regards,

Sjon Pelletier