Headphones for eurorack

Hi guys, I’m looking for some good headphones for my case.

I saw some Sony MDR7506 and also the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, do you have any experiences with it ?

What are your favorites headphones for your system ?
My budget is max 150€ !
Thank for your advices/ experiences !


I love my Beyer Dynamic DT-770

Are they comfortable for long periods ?

Yes! I love my dt770s as well - good isolation. dt880 possibly better for mixing - flatter but also open backed. HD650s are also really nice, comfortable and great headphones

Sennheiser HD650, here. They sound great, but have a design flaw, in that the plastic headband tends to break.

It can be replaced, but the replacement cost is about 1/3 or the whole price of the phones.

I’ve had mine for about 15 years. The first time the headband broke, I bought a Sennheiser replacement, at huge expense. When it happened again a couple of years ago, I was able to source a much cheaper 3D printed replacement from Shapeways, which doesn’t look great, but seems to be tougher than the original, and is still going strong.

Hadnt known that about the hd650 strap! Mine’s ok after about 4 years…

Maybe I was just unlucky. The fact it happened twice suggests not, though.

This is the 3D printed replacement headband:

Thanks - bookmarked!

This reminded me that i wanted to order new headphones. Now a DT-770 250 is in the mail. :hugs:

Yes i use them very often for long periods. These are closed back and really nice when you have to work in places with noise. I often have people talking to me and that i don’t notice them. Good for not getting extracted.
You have to watch out with not turning them to loud, they are strong on bass and somtimes i my ears get tired from using them to loud.
You have different ohm versions for different applications. High 250 Ohm for studio equipment. I have 2 … one for in the studio and a 32 ohm for use with my laptop and portable recorder. It also has a shorter wire which is handy for the laptop. And the long telephone curl wire is handy for in the studio.

Thanks ! So I must take the DT770 :slight_smile:
Is the 80omh sufficient for casuals listenings to my iPod and laptop ?
Or should I go with the 32 ?
It’s main use will be on my pico output.

And is there somebody who had a Sony Mdr7506 to compare ?

DT880 250 Ohm here since years and it’s perfect for laptop listening and modular wiggling. -)

I had a Audio Technica ATH M50 but quickly broken.
Also I have some AIAIAI custom (I don’t remember whish driver version I’ve put in there) for some “boomy” reference.

a DT770 will be a good starting point IMO.

They were created to be used whole day so yes, they are very comfortable. And inexpensive.
They don’t have much low end however.

Thank you for all your comments. Since yesterday, there is a “little” DT770 at home. At this time I’m really happy with it and it’s really comfortable !