Header for 4-pole - XT

I dont witch header to use/order from Mouser…

Parts from BOM list:
8 pins female header and 6 pins female header (J4, J6)

I need for 4-Pole mission filter board. I have spacers and case.

I will order XT board:
Mouser No: 649-77311-118-08LF
Mouser No: 649-77311-118-06LF

Now is this good "fit-able choice i select for
Mouser No: 517-9601086202AR
Mouser No: 517-9601066202AR

(Do i need 2 of each to join together PCBs XT+4-pole?)
If not please tell me what is best option in my case.

Can someone help? If i make mistake i will must wait long time to make another order from Mouser. It is really important!

Thank you all :slight_smile:

For the XT board you need a normal straight 8-pin and 6-pin header.
For the connection of the filter board you need 8-pin and 6-pin stackable arduino headers. For the filterboard itself you can use normal female headers, but for the “sandwich” connection you need the arduino style headers.
Something like this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10007

Thank you dear cj55

You dont have idea how much that was bugging me :frowning:
Not i know thanks to you! :slight_smile:
Ps. I found on Mouser same product!