Having PCBs made

I know lots of you people here have experience with PCB manufacturing, so maybe you can help me.
For the Neuron eurorack panel I’ve made I’d like to include a little “adapter” PCB to have a regular euro-style connector on the board.
I designed the board in fritzing, so the most obvious choice to have this made is the fritzing lab… but that one is a bit expensive. the board is gonna cost me about 3.50€ if I make 20-50pcs. Do you have any tips about where to get this made.
It shouldn’t take too long also… panels are about to arrive and people will want them soon.

Have you tried Osh Park? I have used them for a couple of things.

Is tooling included? The cheap places like PCBCart charge 50-70€ of tooling per order. Maybe try PCBPool?

Osh Park is a flat fee based on size. This little guy cost me $7.90 for 3. this cost me $43 for 3. I believe there are price breaks at 10+.

ok I’ll check them out. thanks!

hmm… oshpark won’t work, because I don’t have enough surface for the big order and as long as I do the normal one it costs the same as with Fritzing.
PCBcart also costs more. Seems like Fritzing is not that bad a solution! I’ll go with them!

While you are at it - why dont you redo the whole PCB matching to your Panel? Personally i would find a 2cm^2 adapter board quite disturbing :wink:

I like that thought :slight_smile:

i think it’s not a bad idea anyway, because you can also use it for other (maybe larger) pcbs that only come with dotcom/motm. i don’t know if it fits those standards, but if so, you could just solder them together with header pins and then connect to the auro adapter.

it always starts with one adapter, and then…

DJ Adapter strikes again!
Anyway… I’ve had these made from Friting Fab… let’s see.

@fcd72: this is actually my first PCB… I actually started with the idea of making a control PCB for the neuron, but then I figured that it’s better to start out slowly doing one thing at a time, so I concentrated on making a good panel!

I agree with rosch, there’s many projects where having something to “adapt” the connector is useful. You can just solder this one to the main PCB so you don’t have it hanging around.